Revealing Post-COVID Marketing Statistics (& How to Act on Them)

There are many statistics that show dramatic drops in growth rates and rapid changes in behavior during the pandemic. We are now halfway through 2021 and well into the new normal, dare we say it? Now is the time to examine which changes have remained and what marketing can do about them.

We have compiled these post-pandemic statistics on 2021 marketing to help you make a smooth transition after 2020’s turbulent years. We’ll be providing you with these post-pandemic marketing statistics for 2021.

  • Here are 12 post-pandemic marketing statistics you should know by 2021
  • Marketing and advertising: explanations
  • These statistics can be aligned with 39 actions that you can take to keep up with your competitors.

You will be able to make informed decisions about how your audience feels after the pandemic.

Marketing statistics after a pandemic in 2021

These marketing statistics cover search, social and video as well as programmatic ads.

1. Digital media consumes almost 8 hours per day on average.

This is seven minutes more than 2020. This contrasts with traditional advertising (TV and radio, newspapers and magazines), which averages 5.5 hours.

graph showing increased time spent online and decreased time spent on traditional media

Image source

This is what it means

It is not enough to have an online presence. If you want to stay in the minds of potential customers, you need a consistent, multi-channel online presence.

What should you do?

  • Create a professional-designed website that generates leads with contact forms. Use SEO to drive the right traffic to it.
  • Post regularly to your business blog to increase organic visibility.
  • Set up complete, accurate, and consistent online listings–starting with Google My Business.
  • Invest in paid ads such as search ads, social advertisements, and display ads.
  • Guest posting is a great way to reach a larger audience.
SERP with talkspace appearing in both paid and organic results

TalkSpace has done extensive research on its online presence and is at the top in both organic and paid results.

2. During the pandemic, only social media and paid search were able to sustain positive growth rates.

line graph showing that search and social maintained positive growth rate during 2020

Image source

This is what it means

These channels are the most trusted and competitive for advertisers. You need to make sure that you are making the most of the tools you have available.

What you can do

  • Use LinkedIn Website Demographics to create super specific audiences for your B2B ads.
  • Learn how to run successful Facebook conversion campaigns in iOS 14.
  • To find out if these new Google Ads features are a good fit, you can try the Insights page and auto-applied suggestions.
trend charts on the google ads insights page

The Google Ads Insights page

3. In 2021, digital ad fraud will result in a loss of $15.9Billion for US advertisers

This is a 15.09% increase from 2020 and a four-fold increase from 2011.

This is what it means

Hackers are more sophisticated than ever and use machine learning to commit fraud. Nonhuman traffic can cause advertisers to lose money and publishers’ inventory of ads becomes less valuable.

How to avoid it

  • Check if there has been a click fraud in your Google Display Network campaigns and eliminate it.
  • Eliminate invalid clicks by adjusting your ad targeting.
  • Use ad fraud prevention tools like Adjust, AdPushup, or FraudScore to avoid marketing losses.
fraudscore homepage- ad fraud prevention software

4. Digital advertising spend will increase by 14.6% to $389B in 2021.

Although digital advertising spend in 2020 grew only 2.4% in 2020 it will increase to 17% by 2021.

graph of worldwide digital ad spend increase of 17% from 2020

Image source

This is what it means

It’s crucial to ensure that you are investing more in digital advertising to keep pace with your competitors.

What should you do?

  • Make sure you’re using ad scheduling the right way to avoid wasted spend and reach your audience at the most opportune times.
  • Avoid budget-wasting Facebook ad mistakes, like over-segmenting or optimizing for the wrong objective.
  • Run some low-budget Facebook ad A/B tests to make sure you’re serving the best possible ad to your audience.
  • Use our free Google Ads Performance Grader to identify optimization opportunities and plug leaks in your spending.
2021 post-pandemic digital marketing stats--google ads grader

5. In 2020, US ecommerce sales increased by 20%

digital marketing statistics 2021-graph showing ecommerce sales grew by 20% in 2020

Image source

This is what it means

You already know that global lockdowns and pandemic restrictions have accelerated the growth in ecommerce shopping. To ensure your competitiveness, you should audit your ecommerce marketing.

What should you do?


6. China will have the largest increase in ecommerce sales by 2024, compared to the US and Europe.

post pandemic digital marketing statistics 2021-growth of chinese ecommerce

Image source

What is the point?

Statista analysts state that Chinese ecommerce platforms allow advertisers to pay for personalized search results in their search engines. This is a new revenue stream for many eCommerce platforms. 

What should you do?

It’s not a lot. Not just because of personal search results, China’s rapid growth in ecommerce is not a surprise. They have some of the highest percentages in terms of internet usage, online shopping, mobile penetration, efficient logistics ecosystems, and a lack of physical retail stores in lower-tier cities. This is a more important trend to keep an eye on. But you can focus on creating a mobile-friendly ecommerce site.

7. The number one driver of increased video usage in 2020 is the ability to find information about a company, product or service.

post-pandemic digital marketing statistics 2021-chart showing consumers use youtube to do product and service research

Image source

This is what it means

The buyer journey continues to become more research-heavy and independent, and video is playing a growing role for both B2C and B2B marketing.

What should you do?

digital marketing statistics 2021-youtube studio reports

Video is an effective media type. YouTube Studio reports can give insights that you won’t find in Google Analytics.

8. The US programmatic display advertising spend will see a 24% increase in growth by 2021

digital marketing statistics 2021-graph of programmatic display growth

Image source

This is what it means

Programmatic advertising has seen a slight increase of 10% in 2020.

What should you do?

  • Programmatic video advertising is one of the most important trends in programmatic advertising for 2021. The main driver of this is 5G connection speed that supports data-intensive video ads, such as 360deg panoramas and virtual reality (VR) ads.
  • Try private marketplace deals. Some monetization companies like Setupad allow advertisers to get access to premium publisher ad inventory through PMP deals in a programmatic way.
  • Automated programmatic campaigns are more dynamic and have creative and copy variations determined by data.

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